Nature is the central theme of my work. My perception and my experience of Nature in the mountainous landscape of Epirus, where I have been spending time during the last fifteen years. It has affected me deeply while giving me strength and inspiration for my work.

When I started painting over 30 years ago, I found artistic solution in abstract expressionism. I lived then in big cities like Athens, London and Paris, where the grey images of the urban landscape made my paintings vague and their meaning ambiguous. Natur was more or less absent. The choice of color and composition flowed only out of the pure need to express myself, denying visual inspiration.

The human figure has never been a central theme of my creative research, in spite of its alluring shape and sentiment that transmits valuable impressions to the spectator. I have always thought that man is not the center of the world, but just a small part of it. To my opinion, the only worthy value that surrounds us is untamed Nature, forgotten by many, but which gives back to us life and strength. Often we stand in front of Nature with awe and admiration, but at the sam time it makes us think and evaluate our place in the Universe.

For 15 years now I have the privilege of visiting the mountains of Tsoymerka regularly, where the observation of the small waterfalls, the dark woods, the wild gorges and hanging cliffs, the spectacular high skies make me humble. Thus, the abstract image related to the grey modern cities has gradually been replaced by a feast of colors and shapes of a very different inspiration, much closer to Nature.

At first, it was all about the astonishing details in the shape and color of the simplest red flowers emerging every spring out of the earth and rocky ground. Later on, I was thrilled by the austerity of the dark woods and of the light passing through the leaves and then by the joyful play of the rivers coming down from snowy mountain peaks trying to break apart huge boulders that were standing in their way on their journey towards the lowlands. Water flowing, water giving life, water bringing inspiration.



Ioanna Konstantinou